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logo Custom Steel Display

Welcome to the TRIO Display Online Catalog

Please call 800-454-4844 for pricing and details


Every store should attempt to separate itself from all others. This begins at the store front and should continue through the last item in the back of the store. Beginning with an eye catching sign on the exterior of the store, the character and mood should be stated. Colors, finishes, logos and lighting are all important factors in creating a successful store. But it's the unique and store-specific elements that will have the customers talking.

One of the most effective ways to create a unique look for your store is through Custom Metal Fabrication. TRIO has been implementing this strategy for over a decade and has outfitted everything from NFL and NBA Team Shops to surf shops to skateboard shops with original metal creations that help bring a word-of-mouth element to the store.

Shark Mouth

This recreation of a shark's jaw has easily been one of our more popular creations for retail stores and always seems to draw comments from customers. Though originally designed for a surf shop, this shark's mouth can be used in virtually any retail store with some creativity.

Secures to the wall or can be suspended from the ceiling.

16" Mouth $349
22" Mouth $449

Shark Profile

This piece typically goes into water related retail stores such as surf shops, swimwear stores, dive stores, etc. There are, however, many different applications for this shark that are fun and help create an atmosphere.

Can be hung on a wall or from the ceiling.

24" Shark $149
36" Shark $249
48" Shark $299

Surf Hook

These hooks are ideal for bringing an added to touch to changing rooms. Perfect for bringing a store theme into an area not usually considered by many. But it's always important to make a statement about your store every chance you get. These hooks can be created as football players, baseball players, surfers, skateboarders and on and on.

$39 As Shown
Price may vary depending on detail and size.

Surfboard Faceout

These surfboard faceouts have been popluar as both accent pieces with standard hardware or used as a complete line. Can be created as waves, surfboards, hockey sticks, baseball bats, etc.

12" Faceouts start at $24


Logos, themes, brands can all be added to a store for the element of fun and whimsy. These icons can help draw attention to parts of the store or to items that might otherwise be passed over by customers.

$39 Each
Price may vary due to size and detail.

Door Logo

Any type of icon can be used to brand your store's logo or theme at various points throughout the store. This particular surf icon is located on the front door of a California surf shop. These are effective at points of sale, entry doors, changing room doors, walls and on fixtures.

This particular logo, due to it's detail is priced at $220.

Prices for these logos begin at $50.
Prices determined by size and detail.

Store Sign

The storefront sign is usually the first thing the customer notices about a store. Metal Fabricated signs can be used to add various themes to all types of stores. This particular sign was cut using rusted sheet metal for a weathered coastal look.

Call for pricing on signs.

Floor Logo

Embedded steel floor logos have been and continue to be one of the most effective ways to display a store's logo. These allow customers to see your store's name or logo as they both enter and exit your store.

Pricing on floor logos starts at $150.
Pricing is determined by both size and detail.

Changing Room

These modular changing rooms help are perfect for helping create a theme and atmosphere for a store. These units can be done for almost any retail store and come with casters for easy relocation.

This particular unit is complete with casters, roof, logos and thatch. CALL FOR PRICING

Pricing is based on size and detail.


Our benches continue to be very popular with stores that have entries or outside areas that attract high foot traffic. Recently, though, many stores have been adding them to the interior of the store and using them as one more opportunity to brand. These benches can be done with a simple name or logo on the back or as detailed as the one shown.

Prices on benches begin at $649.


This metal Seahawk has an 8' wingspan and was created for Seattle's NFL franchise and hangs in their team shop. It is still one of the most talked about pieces we have done. The boundaries of what can be done in this area are almost limitless. If you have an idea of what you would like to see, call us.

This particular item is priced at $2500.
Pricing on these items is determined by size and detail.


The stair runners that we created for a San Diego surf shop turned out to be one the store's most discussed elements. Though not created to sell any particular item in the store, they make such an impact that customers always associate them with this particular surf shop.

Call for pricing on these units.

Surfer Form

This versatile form allows store owners multiple options. The top icon can be changed from logo/icon to a flat metal top for shoes to a pitched metal top for hats or magazines. The icon can be a basketball player, hockey player, surfer, skateboarder, logo, etc.

Comes with metal rod form and base

36" Child Form $175
54" Adult Form $200
66" Adult Form $225

Bosa Bella Floor Logo

Laser cut stainless steel floor logo. Please call for pricing.

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